Vibratory Stone Column Uplift Anchor Installation at Western Carolina University

Friday, March 29, 2019

Helitech provides ground improvement services through use of Vibratory Stone Columns in the southeast states of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

On this project, Helitech provided a Ground Improvement solution of 8,000 psf bearing capacity and reduced overall settlements to less than one (1) inch under the dead and live loads of Western Carolina University’s new STEM building.

WCU is one of just many schools and universities across the U.S. in which Helitech CCD has provided geotechnical contracting work for.

Due to the stiff silts and dense sands on this job site, Helitech pre-drilled the VSCs. The proposed structure had large exterior retaining walls up to 15 feet wide with embedded building columns, so Helitech’s design and VSC layout had to account for the retaining wall loads, soil backfill loads, building column loads, and the dead weight of the walls themselves. Additionally, several large shear walls on-site had net tension loads, so Helitech designed and installed uplift anchors to resist these uplift forces.

Full Transcription:
My name is Jason Courtney; I am the President of Helitech Civil Construction.

Helitech provides ground improvement services; either vibratory stone columns, vibratory concrete columns, earthquake drains and or concrete modular columns in the Southeast.

Helitech Civil Construction has a new location based in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. This particular location services Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama and we are proud to be continuing that growth by working at Western Carolina University.

Western Carolina University is one of the many universities that we have been fortunate to do ground improvement throughout the United States. At this particular job site Helitech Civil Construction is doing a design-build vibratory stone column ground Improvement method for Western Carolina University’s new building addition for their science, technology, engineering and mathematics program. Because of the high dead and live load on this particular building, Helitech was tasked to design-build a ground improvement system that would achieve an excess of eight thousand pounds per square foot. By doing this, we are able to provide our clients with less than one inch of total settlement on this particular design.

Helitech Civil Construction’s vibratory stone column design and layout have to take retaining walls into consideration. Not only the weight of the retaining wall, the soil backfill and the vertical column load on that particular retaining wall. Helitech is installing uplift anchors on this particular job site because the shear walls have large net tension loads, therefore, Helitech has incorporated in its vibratory stone column design uplift anchors to reduce and take away any and all net tension load on these shear walls.

Helitech Civil Construction’s engineering team was able to design-build a cost-effective solution that was able to save our client time and money.