Ozark National Forest – Big Springs Micropiles

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Today we’re in the Mark Twain National Forest in beautiful Southeast Missouri working on the Big Springs River bridge project. Big Springs river pumps out over 288 million gallons of water every day. That is enough to fill a major league baseball stadium in 30 hours.

Helitech Civil Construction is a specialty geotechnical design-build contractor. We specialize in micropile design and installation. Micropiles are a deep foundation solution when traditional shallow foundations will not handle loads of a project. On this jobsite, micropiles are being used as the deep foundation solution to support the North, Southern, and the center support columns for this new bridge. Today, we’re installing a 12-inch diameter casing through the mud mat in the cofferdam into solid dolomite rock. The micropiles on this project are will support in excess of a quarter of a million pounds per micropile.

What’s unique about this job is that we are working in the center of a cofferdam in the middle of one of the largest springs in the world. In southern Missouri in Mark Twain National Forest, it’s very common to have very harsh conditions in the soils and have interbred and layers of running water in between the shallow rock formations. On this job site, we were having to install our micropiles through those shallow rock layers, through the running water, and socket the pile 15 feet plus into the Dolomite rock.

For over 32 years, Helitech Civil Construction Division has been installing micropiles. Whether you’re in an urban city environment or here, in a national park, Helitech is your leader in micropile design and installation.