Cellular Concrete

Cellular concrete is a lightweight solution primarily used for void fill. Cellular concrete goes by many names and may also be called foam cement, concrete foam, cellular lightweight concrete, or lightweight flowable fill.


Grouting Technique: Cellular Concrete

Composition of Cellular Concrete

Cellular concrete is typically made with cement, water, and a foaming agency, and may include the addition of aggregates, fly ash, and admixtures. Because it is relatively lightweight, simple, and inexpensive to make, cellular concrete is used in a variety of project types.
The key difference between cellular concrete and other cementitious materials is the use of foam to reduce the density.

How is Cellular Concrete Made?

There are two methods to produce cellular concrete. The first method is a batch production method in which foam is injected into the drum of a mixer for a certain amount of time.

The second is called the “continuous production method” in which the foam is injected in-line, on the discharge side of a pump.

Depending on the application, density, and strength requirements, the mix can be varied to accommodate a range of different applications. Typically, the dry density of cellular concrete will vary between 25 and 100 pcf with strengths ranging from 50 psi to 1000 psi.


Applications for Cellular Lightweight Concrete

Cellular lightweight concrete is a one-size-fits-most solution, making foundations and ground studier, more durable, and able to bear greater loads. Its flexibility and custom fit make it an especially useful tool in uncertain or unfavorable locations, like those near bodies of water of over exceedingly soft soils. Cellular concrete is particularly useful in:

  • Building support and balancing loads
    An even layer of cellular concrete under a structure reduces the increases in stress applied to the existing soils, reducing settlements and increasing bearing pressures. Additionally, it can be used to provide a strong non-expansive base
  • Minimizing or eliminating the need for retaining walls
    It reduces the lateral loading without sacrificing strength or security.
  • Rehabs and renovations
    Cellular concrete’s flexibility allows it to fill and fortify inevitable voids that pop up during renovations and reconstruction.
  • Filling voids
    Cellular concrete flows easily and provides reduced weight on the soil, so it’s perfect for filling in sinkholes, wells, tunnels, cisterns, abandoned utility pipes, and annular grouting.
  • Soil remediation
    When the subsoil’s condition is poor, cellular concrete can create a strong base while reducing the heavy burden on the subsoil.
  • Sound control and visual blocking
    You can also create fence panels along highways to reduce the sound and block the unsightly view. There are potential cost savings since it’s so lightweight.

Benefits of Using Cellular Concrete

There so many uses for cellular concrete because there are so many advantages to using it.

  • Earthquake-resistant
    When you use cellular concrete in the construction of multistory buildings, there is less weight on the ground underneath, making it more stable during an earthquake.
  • Reduced cost of materials
    The raw materials’ cost is lower when you use cellular concrete because you’re adding air encased in the foam bubbles. This makes the volume of the concrete increased at a lower cost. Plus, you only need one machine to make it, which further reduces your production costs.
  • Reduces the weight of the superstructure
    If you use foam concrete, you’ll need fewer steel reinforcements required for slabs, columns, beams, and foundation due to the lesser load.

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