Grouting techniques strengthen soft in situ soils, remediate settlement of structures, cutoff groundwater, underpin structures, densify granular soils, liquefaction mitigation, increase bearing capacities, and construct access shafts to name a few applications.

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Cellular Concrete

Grouting Technique: Cellular Concrete Composition of Cellular Concrete Cellular concrete is typically made with cement, water, and a foaming agency, [...]

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Chemical Grouting

Chemical Grouting is the process of injecting special grout to fill voids in granular soils. Common reagents utilized include Sodium [...]

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Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting is the process of drilling holes by air or water rotary and maintaining a vertical alignment. A cementitious [...]

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Flowable Fill

Flowable Fill is a low strength self-leveling grout used to fill voids in difficult access areas and provides a fairly [...]

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Permeatation Grouting

Permeation Grouting is the most common form of soil grouting. The process consists of drilling a hole into the soil, [...]

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