Vibro Concrete Columns

Vibratory Concrete Columns (often referred to as VCCs or Rigid Inclusions) are used in areas that require higher loads and are installed through very soft soils (commonly peat or other organic deposits) in order to transfer loads to more competent load-bearing strata.

Vibro concrete columns, or Rigid Inclusions, are used in cases where the soils are so soft and unstable that installation of stone columns would be difficult, or where the vibro stone columns would not have sufficient lateral confinement to adequately carry vertical loads.

Vibratory Concrete Columns for Ground Improvement

Vibro concrete columns are accomplished by filling the borehole with concrete rather than stone (as in VSCs or aggregate piers). The vibroflot penetrates the soil until it reaches a suitable load-bearing stratum. Concrete is discharged at the bottom of the column to form an enlarged basal bulb, and then discharged continuously to form a column as the probe is withdrawn. Otherwise, when the probe is withdrawn, the peat will cave in. Peat has more organic material such as decomposed branches and is darker with moisture.


  • Quick & efficient installation
  • Economic alternative to deep foundation systems
  • Little to no spoils generated
  • Vibro-displacement process accelerates drainage of soft soils
  • State of the art quality control through use of a computer monitoring system
  • Increased bearing capacities/pressure

Typical Uses

  • Multi-story buildings
  • Commercial centers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Liquid Storage Tanks
  • Grain Silos, Bins, and Elevators
  • Mitigation of liquefiable soils
  • Wind Farms
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Farm Machinery Storage Sheds

Utilizing a Vibroflot in Rigid Inclusions

Vibro technologies involve the use of a vibroflot, a vibrating probe suspended from a crawler crane. As the vibroflot is lowered, it penetrates weak soils until reaching the required depth. Depending on soil conditions and intended site use, a variety of techniques can be employed to create the compacted columns.

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