Erosion Control

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Each construction site has potential for significant sediment runoff. In most cases, as a site is being developed, civil construction contractors must do take the proper steps to control erosion. Helitech Civil Construction Division can help you to take the necessary erosion control measures into your building plans to prevent runoff generated by land development.

Factors that Influence Erosion Control

  • Terrain. Erosion is largely affected by the slope of a property. Slope size is a fundamental concern for erosion control. Further, the steepness of that slope can make a huge difference as to the anticipated runoff and what measures should be employed to control it. Vegetation is also a primary concern for erosion control specialists.
  • Weather Conditions. Wind speed and direction can be a monumental assistant or deterrent to erosion control, depending on specific conditions on the property. Precipitation and rainfall also play an important role in the manipulation and control of erosive runoff.
  • Type of Soil. Various types of soil require different runoff solutions. Determining what type(s) of soil is/are present will determine control methods.

Methods of Erosion Control

Application of Shotcrete is the primary method of erosion control for large or steep sloping areas on a property. Below, we have provided a brief guide to shotcrete to better inform those in need of erosion control services.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a sprayed concrete mixture, in either wet or dry form that can be sprayed virtually anywhere. It is often used to remediate slope erosion. First, wire mesh or matting is laid out over the slope as a barrier, and the shotcrete is then sprayed over the top of that to solidify the embankment and eradicate erosion.

How does Shotcrete Work?

Shotcrete works by creating a waterproof barrier on a slope or embankment that essentially stabilizes the slope to protect the area from erosion.

Shotcrete Costs

Shotcrete is more cost-effective than traditional concrete methods and is generally affordable. The value is immeasurable when the alternative – damage and destruction from erosion – is considered.

Comparison to Other Methods

Other methods of erosion control provide their own advantages and disadvantages in comparison to shotcrete application:

  • Retaining Walls. In order to prevent further erosion, many will build out a blockade or wall for retention of runoff. Though this is beneficial in that it is repairable or removable, moisture and soil are bound to seep through any cracks, and unless a wall is built to the appropriate height and heft, it is destructible. Inclement weather or force can usually destroy retaining walls, and erosion can often build up at the wall’s edge causing such a force.
  • Trench-digging. Creating canals, ditches, or trenches can allow a place for erosion to travel and build up. Eventually, trenches fill, and the same flatland remains. Deep trenches can be a hazard in some situations, especially if the area is prone to any sort of foot traffic.
  • Vegetation & Reforestation. Vegetation can restore the soil and redirect erosive landmasses. The issue here is that planting the necessary trees and shrubs can be costly and time-consuming within the confines of a construction timeline or in the event that erosion has become destructive already.
  • Mulching & Composting. Though beneficial in that they are healthy options for soil and can serve as a controlled land solution, mulch and compost are susceptible to being carried off by floods or heavy winds and are not the most permanent fix for erosion.
  • Compared to any of these solutions, shotcrete is as effective if not more so and provides fewer overall disadvantages.

Erosion Control Application

Helitech Civil Construction Division offers many innovative erosion control solutions depending on the needs of the construction site.

  • Earth Shoring Systems – Utilized in areas where slope stability is a concern, most often in large commercial construction projects.
  • Soil Nail Walls – Creates a cohesive mass of soil in order to prevent against erosion control.
    And many more.

Why Helitech Civil Construction Division?

Our clients receive the highest quality in erosion control through our award-winning expertise and personnel. As a member of the American Shotcrete Association, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver superior products.