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A tieback is a horizontal rod used to reinforce retaining walls for stability. With one end of the tieback secured to the wall, the other end is anchored into the earth with sufficient resistance.

Helical Tiebacks or Soil Screws

A Helical Tieback or Soil Screw is a segmented deep foundation system with helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft. Load is transferred from the shaft to the soil through these bearing plates.

Tieback anchors are installed by rotating the anchors into the ground with rotary drilling equipment. Once the minimum depth is obtained, the capacity can be determined by reading the installation torque and correlating it to the holding capacity ratio.

Steel Rod Anchors

Steel Rod Anchors are hollow, threaded, steel rods that can extend to any length in all soil and rock conditions to meet project requirements. This quick installation combines drilling, placing, and grouting in one operation. This allows the system to be suitable for working in a limited space.

Grouted Tiebacks

Grouted Tiebacks are structural members used to provide temporary or permanent resistance to a structural element by pre-loading and locking-in tension load. These anchors are installed by drilling into the rock and resistance loads are achieved by the development of friction between rock and grout interface. The structural member (reinforcement) is typically either solid bar or strand anchor that is set into the drilled hole and grout is applied by tremie the method.