Soil Nails

Earth retention systems are constructed to provide support where deep excavations are made or slope stability is a concern. The design of these systems must consider movement control, stability during construction and wall drainage.

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Soil Nails are steel reinforcing members that are installed in a uniform grid pattern and grouted to unify the soil into a cohesive mass creating a Soil Nail Wall.

Soil Nail Walls are constructed in stages/lifts from the top down. The first stage of the installation involves the excavation from the top cut down to a pre-determined bench elevation. Soil Nails are then drilled and installed through the excavated cut face in a uniform grid pattern. The Soil Nails are then grouted to reinforce and bond the soil mass. The final stage is the application of Shotcrete to the excavated face for reinforcement.

Upon the completion of the first stage/lift, the next level of excavation begins and the Soil Nail process is repeated until the pre-determined wall height is achieved.

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