Aggregate Piers / Stone Columns

Aggregate piers (also called vibro or vibratory stone columns, vibro-piers, VSCs, or rammed aggregate piers) is a ground improvement technique that constructs dense columns of compacted stone. The columns are installed in groups in soft soil to increase bearing pressure and mitigate settlement under structural footings.

The columns are formed when lifts of stone are introduced to an open hole and compacted using high energy densification equipment. The down-hole compactive device may be either a high-frequency vibratory probe.

Each lift of stone or other granular material is compacted, forming a high modulus aggregate pier. The rammed aggregate piers are designed and installed in groups to improve the ground’s ability to support structures.

Vibratory aggregate columns have been used to increase bearing capacity, decrease settlement, and mitigate liquefaction potential for all types of planned structures including industrial buildings, embankments, dams, agriculture structures, tanks, and towers.

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