Waste Water Treatment Plant (Micropiles, Rock Anchors)

Project Overview

The city of Bowling Green, Kentucky, acquired Federal Stimulus money to construct a new, multi-million dollar Wastewater Treatment Facility to replace the outdated facility.

Requirements & Challenges

Due to the many fissures and caves in the area, the Engineer of Record required the facility to be supported and tied down.

Solution & Results

Micropiles and Rock Anchors were installed to support and tie down all buildings in this state-of-the art Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The results were fantastic. Helitech installed over 30,000 lineal feet of Micropiles and Rock Anchors. Helitech fulfilled the requirements of the Engineer of Record and general contractor.

Helitech was required to test 10% of the Micropiles installed. During the testing, Helitech met and exceeded the requirements for total movement allowed by the Engineer of Record. The worst movement during the testing was 2,000th of an inch (the requirement was for no more than ½” movement).

Helitech more than exceeded the requirements of the EOR and the Owner.

Project Details

Municipal Utilities, Waste Water Treatment Plant

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Micropiles, Rock Anchors

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