Sector – Manufacturing Warehouse
Location – Missouri
Application(s) – Polyurethane Concrete Leveling, Void Filling, Slab Leveling


The owner of this building had added industrial storage racks inside the building to increase the floor storage capacity. At the time, the owner did not realize the slab and subgrade were not designed to take on the additional weight.

Over time, the subgrade consolidated and the floor slab sank, resulting in uneven concrete throughout the warehouse.

Requirements & Challenges

The manufacturing area ran 24/7 and Helitech CCD needed to work around their equipment and schedule.

The work are was a “clean” area which meant excessive dust or spoils were prohibited.

The customer did not have floor space to unload all of the product off the racks so we would have to lift the slab with the racks “loaded”.


Helitech Civil Construction drilled holes into the existing slab and injected high density polyurethane to fill the voids and lift the slab approximately 1-2″.


Helitech Civil Construction was able to complete this work with the racks loaded and without any shutdown to the manufacturing areas.

Helitech was able to stage all of our equipment and material inside the warehouse as to not take up valuable floor space.

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