Sector – Warehouse
Location – Peoria, Illinois
Application(s) – Ground Improvement, Aggregate Piers / VSCs


A proposed new structure consisted of a 400 x 600-foot warehouse with column supports on a 40 x 40-foot grid.

The new warehouse features an open bay structure with lightly loaded columns and a floor slab supporting heavily loaded storage racks.

Typical column loads being 56 kips, and rack loading on the floor slab in the range of 1,000 psf.

Requirements & Challenges

The existing soils consisted of fill material variable in depth across the project site, with a soft alluvial material underneath and extending to depths approximately 35 feet below ground surface.

Due to the variability in strength, depth of the fill materials, low strengths, and high compressibility of the alluvium material, significant differential settlement was expected in the column pads and slab.


Helitech’s design-build aggregate pier system was selected as the best possible way to minimize differential and long-term settlement.


On-site testing verified Helitech’s design and confirmed minimum differential and long-term settlement.

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