Sector – Mass Transit, Public Transportation System
Location – St. Louis, MO
Application(s) – Earth Retention, Shotcrete, Soil Screws, Hydraway Drainage System


A public mass transit system was expanding their Missouri route to include the neighborhoods of: Manchester, Clayton, Kirkwood ,and Webster Groves. During this process, a hillside cut back into a vertical position was required to enable concrete to be installed for track placement and to help prevent slope failure onto the tracks.


Helitech made necessary modifications to the hillside utilizing the shotcrete shoring system. This involved excavating the embankment in 5 to 6 foot vertical cuts.

The process was broken into multiple tiers working from top to bottom, allowing construction on one tier at a time, insuring that each tier wall was installed correctly.

First, A.B. Chance Soil Screws were installed horizontally into the soil for soil stabilization. Then, the Hydraway drainage system was placed behind and adjacent to the wall. Helitech then applied a four-inch thick layer of concrete across the wall face to prevent soil from sloughing and being exposed to the elements.


The Shotcrete Earth Retention Wall System offered the general contractor an efficient and cost-effective solution compared to other alternatives.

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