City Walk Earth Shoring (Soldier Pile, Lagging, Shotcrete, Soil Nail Wall)

Project Overview

A commercial property development company worked to construct a new a Whole Foods (grocery store). The proposed site is surrounded by apartments and a parking garage.

Requirements & Challenges

The south and west side of the construction side are bordered by Euclid Avenue and West Pine Boulevard. The southwest corner of the property is being excavated 25 feet below the existing street level and an earth shoring system was required to be installed in order to prevent the soils from sluffing off while maintaining street traffic on the nearby roads.

On the north side of the property is an existing alley and a hotel and apartment complex. On this side of the property, the excavation varies from 15 to 30 feet below the existing street level. An earth shoring system was required to handle the loads for the hotel and apartment complex.

Solution & Results

For both areas, the existing utilities (both overhead and underground) created challenges. Additionally, the schedule was expedited as the shoring systems were to be installed before the building foundations could be installed.

Helitech CCD installed a soldier pile and lagging wall on the southwest corner of the property which borders Euclid and West Pine Boulevard. This type of system allowed us to stay clear of the existing utilities that ran below the streets.

Helitech CCD installed a soil nail wall with shotcrete facing on the north wall. This allowed us to stay away from the overhead utilities and designed a system that could handle the heavy loads created by the hotel and apartment complex.


Project Details

Grocery Store Construction

St. Louis, MO

Earth Shoring
Soldier Pile & Lagging
Shotcrete, Soil Nail Wall

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