Sector – Historic Academic University Facility
Location – University of Illinois; Champaign, IL
Application(s) – Atlas Resistance Micropiles

Lincoln Hall is a 100 year old Building located on the University of Illinois-Champaign campus. Lincoln Hall is part of the College of Theater Arts and is where the Theater is located.

Requirements & Challenges
The objective was to lower the basement floor by four feet to accommodate the new Mechanical Equipment required to meet the current building codes. This required the building to be underpinned so the existing foundations could be undermined and the lower basement walls and foundations could be safely constructed.

Resistance Micropiles were installed through the step foundation and attached onto the existing walls.

Three hundred and twenty-six resistance micropiles were installed. Helitech was required to test 25% of the resistance micropiles installed. During the testing Helitech met and excided the requirements for total movement allowed by the Engineer of Record. Helitech fulfilled the requirements of the university and general contractor.

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