Safety Is Our Top Priority

A safe work environment has and will always be Helitech Civil Construction Division’s trade- mark. We can not emphasize enough to our employees the importance of following our safety guidelines whether working on site or in our yard.
Safety is an integral part of who we are and the way we conduct business. We are aware and understand a safe working environment correlates to higher productivity, less interruption, and reduced insurance costs, but the safety of our employees is by far the top priority.

At Helitech CCD, we are continuously updating our safety awareness policy and training pro- gram for our employees as we continue to expand our services. Our workers are HAZ MAT, OSHA and MSHA certified. It is important to emphasize safety not only for the benefit of our employees, but for the benefit of all trades actively working on site. Our team concept and safety awareness are the contributing factors to our successful safety track record


  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration): Every Helitech CCD employee is required to have or obtain at least their OSHA 10 certification. Most employees, and all superintendents and rig operators, are required to have or obtain their OSHA 30 certification.
  • MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration): All superintendents and rig operators are MSHA certified, along with most Helitech Civil Construction employees.
  • HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials): Many of our superintendents and employees are certified through HAZMAT.
  • CPR: Most Helitech Civil Construction employees are CPR certified.

Installation and Job Training

All of our employees have years of experience in operating rigs for geotechnical construction. Helitech Civil Construction Division requires extensive in-house training on each and every product and installation technique. Many employees participate in Drill Rig and/or Project Management classes put on by organizations including the DFI and ADSC.
Additionally, our installers are re-certified every two years to install Chance products.

Our Process

Preconstruction is the most important phase of the project to address any safety concerns. Helitech CCD’s trained personnel thoroughly inspect the site to assure it is in safe working condition prior to start of production. Any safety concern is documented and discussed with our client’s project superintendent prior to beginning production.
Throughout the project, we conduct job site inspections and tool box meetings. We have an ongoing equipment inspection program to assure our equipment is in safe working condition.


Helitech Civil Construction Division has been recognized by the Southern Illinois Builders Association for the Safety Merit Award for Zero Lost Time Accidents with over 150,000 man hours for 4 consecutive years. Helitech CCD was also named Specialty Contractor of the Year in 2009 by the SIBA.

In addition, Helitech Civil Construction Division was recognized for safety by the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) in 2009 and 2010.

Check out our library of case studies from past successful jobs or give us a call at 877-537-5359 to learn how our award winning safety and service team can help your next project.


Helitech CCD is a member of many construction organizations and participates in their yearly events. Here is a listing of some of the organiza- tions in which we support.

Case Studies