Helitech Civil Construction Division has produced a library of print collateral and resources available to our customers by request. If you are interested in printed copies of any of the below brochures, additional spec sheets, or other materials, please contact us today at (618) 213-8853 or fill out our contact form.

Brochures and Spec Sheets:


St. Louis Ballpark Village Site – Ground Improvement – Installing Vibratory Stone Columns

Ozark National – Big Springs River – Micropiles

Vibratory Stone Column Uplift Anchor Installation at Western Carolina University

Data Logger System on Vibratory Stone Column Rigs

Pre-Drill VSCs and VCCs Fitness Center Chicago Suburb Oak Brook

High Capacity Design Build Ground Improvement using Vibratory Stone Columns (VSC) and Uplift Anchors

Bottom Feed Vibratory Stone Columns Pre-Drilled

Vibratory Stone Columns used for Ground Improvement on Iowa Wind Farm

Proprietary Data Logger System on Vibratory Stone Column Rigs

Helitech Civil Construction Overview

Vibratory Concrete Columns installed in Rock Island, IL

Vibro Stone Columns installed at Pulliam Square, IN

Vibro Stone Columns installed in St. Charles, MO

Vibratory Stone Columns – Bottom Feed Method

Vibratory Stone Columns – Top Feed Method

VSC Install

VSC Data Logger and Quality Control