Midwest, South, Southeast Geotechnical Subcontractor

Helitech Civil Construction Division (CCD), a CNC Foundations Company, has provided technical and construction support to commercial and industrial markets since 1987. Helitech CCD delivers a strategic mix of economical geotechnical and structural solutions to commercial contractors and privately held companies. Helitech CCD has positioned itself as a leader in geotechnical construction throughout the greater Midwest, South, Southeast, and beyond.

Becoming CNC Foundations®

With our nationwide focus on being your First Choice in Ground Improvement, Helitech Civil Construction Division is rebranding to CNC Foundations®. The same people, same family values, same great service, and same value designs that we have provided for 34 years strong.

Our People

Helitech Civil Construction Division, a CNC Foundations Company, is a family-owned and oriented company. Helitech CCD employs a full-time engineering staff and support personnel enabling us to meet the most challenging demands of construction projects, including design and installation. Helitech CCD is a certified union subcontractor and all of our operations employees are union members. We pride ourselves on providing the kind of work environment and benefits that encourage good people to stay. It’s no wonder why many of our employees have been with us since the beginning – almost 30 years.

Geotechnical Construction Services

Helitech CCD specializes in Ground Improvement with Vibratory Stone Columns and Vibratory Concrete Columns, Deep Foundations such as Micropiles and Drilled Shafts, Shotcrete, various types of Earth Shoring SystemsUndersealing, and various types of Chemical and Compaction Grouting.

Helitech Civil Construction is a premier geotechnical subcontractor, offering our clients in house project management, engineering and load testing, preliminary geotechnical design, and design/build construction.


Helitech CCD maintains an extensive inventory of equipment on hand to support and meet the needs of any geotechnical project. Owning instead of renting helps control overall project costs and increases the efficiency in which we can complete your project.

Helitech CCD has a variety of Rotary piling drills, Vibratory piling equipment, Micro pile drill rigs, that work in both limited access and open access and more. We are continuously updating the technology and our equipment in order to meet the challenging needs of the structural and deep foundation industry.

We have several vibro rigs on hand to complete your ground improvement job of VSCs or VCCs. Helitech CCD has multiple man-portable Micropile rigs for areas of limited access that require overhead room as low as 6 feet. We have a full line of Soil Mec rotary piling rigs.

Whether your project entails ground improvement for a large Tank Farm, Wind Tower, or Grain Elevator, or Chemical Grouting for a local mine or garden waterfall – we have the equipment on hand to meet the demands of any structural project; there is no project too large or too small for us to complete.

Discover More About Helitech CCD

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