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Helitech CCD offers additional services more specific to stability, economical, or aesthetic needs such as Shear Walls, Carbon Fiber, Underpinning/Piering, Ornamental Shotcrete, Undersealing, Shotcrete Lagging, and Concrete Leveling. Find out more about the services offered and how we can meet your design demands.

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We offer geotechnical solutions of Micropiles, Vibratory Stone Columns, Earth Shoring, and other deep foundations. Fill out the form below or contact us at 877-651-3602.

Shear Walls

Shear Walls are walls which are designed to resist the lateral force along the length of the wall. Shear walls are normally made of a wood frame with stud walls covered with a structural sheathing material. If properly built they can also resist horizontal forces. They also aid in providing structural stability and aesthetics.

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Carbon Fiber

RCF, is a very light weight, high strength fiber-reinforced polymer or composite material. Typically, the polymer is most often an epoxy.

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Underpinning / Piering

Existing foundations can settle due to increased loads, changes in soil properties, or nearby excavations.

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Ornamental Shotcrete

Ornamental Shotcrete is as a base for structural design companies to build an aesthically beautiful surface designs.

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Undersealing is used to fill a void under concrete slabs.

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Shotcrete Lagging

Soldier piles are predrilled at intervals along the wall’s baseline. The piles are placed in the hole and backfilled with lean-mix concrete. As the excavation in front of the wall proceeds, shotcrete lagging is installed between the soldier piles in lifts. Tieback anchors may be installed and stressed to provide lateral restraint.

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Concrete Leveling

Concrete Leveling is a technique that raises concrete slabs and fills voids, using the regulated injection of cement grout. Holes are drilled through the concrete slab through which the grout is injected while monitoring the elevation of the slab surface.

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