Ground Improvement

Subsurface conditions can vary greatly within a single job site. The characteristics of the in situ soil play a crucial role in determining which ground improvement technique or group of techniques is best.

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Ground Water Control

Cut-off walls (water intrusion) involve the insention of tubularochette (hollow tube) into the earth in a strategic grid pattern throughout the effective water intrusion area and injecting chemical grout through the hollow tube. Thus, permeating through the soil and chemically reacting (expanding) when in contact with water, and providing a barrier to restrict water intrusion.

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Soil Mixing

Soil Mixing is the process of adding grout and reagent to the soil by introducing water and mixing to a slurry consistency.

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Vibro Stone Columns

Vibratory stone columns (VSC) are compacted columns of aggregate that are installed through existing soils to improve the geotechnical properties of the soil matrix.

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Jet Grouting

Jet Grouting is the process of drilling a hole into the soil with a small diameter rod system. Typically, a 70mm-130 mm diameter rod used to inject a fluid under high pressure while rotating andretrieving the rod.

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Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting is the process of injecting grout into a soil to improve bearing capacity. A low slump grout is injected under high pressure to expand bulbs in a controlled system through an injection pipe. The injected grout pushes the soil to the side as it forms a column or bulb. Compaction Grouting is often utilized where there is limited access for retrofit applications.

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Erosion Control

Each construction site has potential for significant sediment runoff. In most cases, as a site is being developed, civil construction contractors must do take the proper steps to control erosion. Helitech Civil Construction Division can help you to take the necessary erosion control measures into your building plans to prevent runoff generated by land development. […]

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Vibro Concrete Columns

Vibratory Concrete Columns (VCCs) are used in areas that require higher loads and are installed through very soft soils (commonly peat or other organic deposits) in order to transfer loads to a more competent load-bearing strata. Vibro concrete columns are used in cases where the soils are so soft and unstable that installation of stone […]

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Ground Improvement for Grain Bin Systems

As increasing yields necessitate expansion in grain storage and drying capacity, Helitech Civil Construction Division is here to ensure your grain system will stand for generations to come. As grain towers reach higher into the sky, the loads they place on the ground magnifies. If the soil beneath the bin is too compressible or has […]

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