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Helitech has extensive experience in the full range of geotechnical construction applications. This knowledge enables us to identify the most efficient approach to any subsurface task and to quickly and safely achieve the project requirements. Select the geotechnical challenge on the list below that best matches your needs to see how Helitech can work for you.

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We offer geotechnical solutions of Micropiles, Vibratory Stone Columns, Earth Shoring, and other deep foundations. Fill out the form below or contact us at 877-651-3602.


Earth Shoring

Earth retention systems are constructed to provide support where deep excavations are made or slope stability is a concern.  The design of these systems must consider movement control, stability during construction and wall drainage. Talk to us about your Earth Shoring needs and call 800-246-9721 or fill out the form to the right.

Ground Improvement

Subsurface conditions can vary greatly within a single job site and the characteristics of the in situ soil play a crucial role in determining which ground improvement technique or group of techniques is best. Soil Mixing is the mechanical mixing of soils, in situ, with engineered slurries.


Grouting techniques can cutoff groundwater, strengthen soft in situ soils for tunneling support, remediate settlement of structures caused by soft ground tunneling, underpin structures, densify granular soils for liquefaction mitigation, construct or repair retaining walls, construct access shafts, to name a few applications.

Aggregate Piers / Stone Columns

Aggregate piers (also called stone columns) are columns of compacted stone installed in groups in soft soil to increase bearing pressure and mitigate settlement under structural footings. The columns are formed when lifts of stone are introduced to an open hole and compacted using high energy densification equipment.

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Deep Foundations

Deep foundation services transfer structural loads through to competent soils or rock when shallow foundations are not feasible due to weak, compressible soils near ground surface.

Helitech Other Services

Other Services

Helitech CCD offers additional services more specific to stability, economical, or aesthetic needs such as Shear Walls, Carbon Fiber, Underpinning/Piering, Ornamental Shotcrete, Undersealing, Shotcrete Lagging, and Concrete Leveling. Find out more about the services offered and how we can meet your design demands. Call us today to talk to us about your project and your […]